Droichead an Dóchais
Ashton Centre
5 Churchill Street
Belfast, BT15 2BP

Contact Details,

N: Irene Sherry
T: 02890 221022
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Droichead an Dóchais is a community based project working with individuals, families and communities across North Belfast who have been affected by the political conflict over the last 30+ years through a diverse portfolio of training programmes, complementary therapies, advocacy and research.

Droichead an Dóchais aim in partnership with Community Relations Council, Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and other agencies, to maintain, and strive to further enhance, the excellence of practice that exists in the Centre.

The need for complementary therapies as one tool to help tackle the deep-rooted stress, psychological damage and general health problems resulting from the conflict in North Belfast has, we believe, been clearly established.

Droichead an Dóchais feel strongly that no group working to tackle these types of issues can be an island and the only way forward is through strong partnerships and a vision for the future of primary care & health treatment in an area that has suffered immensely over a period of many decades.

Dr David Becker of the Berghof Research Centre reminds us that the often hidden wounds from the war on the mind can be every bit as debilitating to communities as the physical scars that exist on individual members of these communities.