Our Ethos

The 174 Trust is a non-denominational Christian organisation that facilitates a variety of essential community projects in North Belfast. Located in the New Lodge community, the Trust offers opportunities and assistance to people of all ages. The 174 Trust is committed to a process of community development based on building relationships with local people, working together to identify and meet local needs.
Our value base – the heart of our work and witness – is the proclamation of the kingdom of God through demonstrating Christ’s values in action. The 174 Trust is a charitable trust registered with the Inland Revenue (RegisteredCharity Number: XN62669A/AR).

Our History

The SaltshakerEstablished in 1982 by a group of concerned Christians (including members of two local churches – Duncairn Presbyterian and Antrim Road Baptist), the Trust purchased premises at 174 Antrim Road. The Trust incorporated the address into its name since the physcial location became the nucleus of work dedicated to tackling many of the problems confronting the local community.
The Trust soon opened the Salt Shaker Cafe and began addressing the real needs of those living in a materially and socially disadvantaged area. Our mission is to effect change in North Belfast by social action and community development so that North Belfast would become a place of co-operation, prosperity and hope.

The Trust and its community members had its work cut out. The New Lodge district is considered the most deprived ward in North Belfast (with one of the highest levels of deprivation in Northern Ireland). A few statistics summarize the startling situation:

  • Unemployment rate among men is 56%
  • Fewer than 15% of people have recognised educational qualification
  • Fewer than 20% of homes are actually owned by the occupants
  • 84% of households to do not own any means of transportation
  • 20% of all murders committed during the last thirty years of the ‘Troubles’ have occurred within a one-mile radius of the Trust – an area often referred to as ‘Murder Mile’
  • 1991 census recorded a population of 6,367

Despite the statistics, the Trust continued to work with the local commuThe Churchnity. After over a decade of service, the Trust took the bold step of purchasing the church buildings at 160 Antrim Road (formerly Duncairn Presbyterian Church) in 1995. This transaction gave evidence of the Trust’s vision for and commitment to the area. It also provided a centralised base from which to operate its existing programs and to expand its work into new areas. In particular, the new buildings provided leisure and recreational facilities, created employment opportunities for community members, and enabled partnerships with other local groups.
The Trust continues to operate out of the Duncairn Complex nearly 20 years after its inception. The Trust today is a vibrant fabric sewn by the sweat, tears and laughter of countless people and organisations committed to a common aim. A sincere thanks to all those who have participated or want to participate with the community projects based out of the 174 Trust.

Trustees and Management Committee


  • Rev. Prof. Patton Taylor
  • Stanley Jackson
  • Gavin Pantridge
  • Heather Carey


Management Committee:

  • Heather Carey (chairperson)
  • Ken Groves (vice chair)
  • David van der Merwe (Treasurer)
  • Karen Pauley
  • Briege O’Hare
  • Joe Carey
  • Bryan Gormley
  • Rev. Prof. Patton Taylor

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